is a writer, director,  acting  and directing  coach, and a  Grammy  Award-winning  producer.

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Kathryn directs film, theatre, television and video. Her directing credits include:





An All-Consuming Passion - The American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women 60 minutes
Bernadette's Breakery 10 minutes
Eddie's God Club 6 minutes
Purple Hearts - Vital Forces Productions - Winner Best Actor, Chicks With Flicks Film Festival, NYC, Nominated Best Director 14 minutes
Graceland by Ellen Byron Irish Arts Center, NYC
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley Maude's Place, NYC
Act BIG! - 6 part half-hour cable access television series on acting. On six cable networks in 31 Los Angeles cities.
12 Television (and Radio) Lectures - 3 listed below. On 8 cable networks in 22 Northern California cities.

The Basis of True Forgiveness

60 minutes

God's Man: Victor, Not Victim

60 minutes

Can You Simply Trust?

60 minutes

Stop Smoking!

Public Service Announcement
Lecture's Demonstration Tapes  
Actors' Audition Tapes  
100's of Acting Students - private coaching, classes, & workshops.


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