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DISCOVERING THOMAS is a love story about a handsome but brutish wealthy heir mentally retarded by a severe hit in his head when he was a teenager, and the spiritually-minded young woman who helps him discover his immutable identity.

DOUBLE BIND is a sexy psychological thriller about a beautiful call girl who is a victim of pedophilia and Double Bind Schizophrenia, and the handsome, unorthodox criminologist who uses the truer truth to help her overcome the cycles of violence that have claimed her.

COLLEEN is a romantic comedy about a jilted Irish/American marketing executive who goes from L.A. to Ireland to find a "real" Irishman to father the child she is longing to have, and who, through a series of mishaps and transformation, loses everything she's come to get, but finds what she's really looking for.

McLENNAN AVENUE is the story of a troubled Catholic girl growing up in Van Nuys, California during the 1950's and '60s-Catholic school, her aspirations to become a nun, her blocked artistic aspirations, her controlling mother, the sexual repression, guilt, and a "neurotic breakdown," which leads to a break with her mother and from which she is liberated by the love of her father-until her father's death when she is finally able to confront her mother and get on the avenue of healing.

MISS MADELINE GOES SHOPPING is a psychological serio-comedy about a middle-aged woman obsessed with shopping-and shop-lifting-who thinks life has passed her by until she learns through the ironic consequences of her actions that it hasn't.

UNCLE ETHEL is a quirky serio-comic psychological family horror drama about Uncle George, a rigid, elderly man so attached to his wife Ethel that, when she dies, he takes on the characteristics of her personality to continue to feel close to her, until the love he's begun to feel, as her, helps him to finally grow up.

Kathryn is currently working on a revision of MISS MADELINE GOES SHOPPING.

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