is a writer, director,  acting  and directing  coach, and a  Grammy  Award-winning  producer.

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Kathryn is a Grammy Award-Winning Producer. Her producing credits include:





Elephant Parts - Awarded: The Grammy's Video Producer of the Year. 60 minutes
An All-Consuming Passion - The American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women 60 minutes
Bernadette's Breakery - UCLA 10 minutes
Eddie's God Club - UCLA 6 minutes
Produced Television Commercials in Los Angeles for 5 years
Act BIG! - 6 part half-hour cable access television series on acting. On six cable networks in 31 Los Angeles cities.
12 Television (and Radio) Lectures - see directing credits  
Graceland by Ellen Byron Irish Arts Center, NYC
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley Maude's Place, NYC
The Prison - a Rock Ballet The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
Demo Records  


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