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Success Tips from Success Coach, Kathryn Bild

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The following article appeared in the Sept-Dec 1998 issue of Adult Ed Today

Success Tips from Success Coach, Kathryn Bild

by Kathryn Bild

“To succeed, you must do what you want to do!”

Do what you love and success will follow, we are told. What we are not told is that until you do, it won't. This is a wonderful function of the system, however. If you do not do what you want to do, you will fail at whatever you do because, consciously or unconsciously, you will sabotage your own success. "I hate this!" will sound off like a psychic car alarm or show up like flashing red neon all along your pathway until it irritates, exhausts and depletes you to the point where you will finally give up the effort. And why? All because you never really wanted to do it in the first place!

Why should you succeed at something you don't want to do, anyway? What kind of universe would that be? "O.K., make Bob want to be an entrepreneur but have to be a TV repair guy; and Paula want to be an actress but have to be an accountant. O.K., cool." No, that would not be cool, and any of us could do a better job of running things than that! And yet, that is exactly the way many of us have been told that things do work. "Get a trade;" "get that fall-back career going;" "get a "real" job;"—all in the name of "security"—which zaps us of all the time and energy we need to ever get down to our true work. And are the people who live that way really "secure"?

You only have to look at the numbers and the titles of the adult education courses being offered around the world today to catch on to the fact that we have tired of that old, "safe" approach toward establishing our careers. We want more, we want better, and we've learned how powerful we are to influence the events in our lives. So it's not that surprising to see that we fail at whatever we don't really want to do. We have caused it to fail! Why? Because that's what we wanted! Well, if we can cause what we don't want to fail, then can't we cause what we do want to succeed? Of course, we can.

So how about getting on with it, and save yourself a lot of time and effort, and pain, which, eventually, is only going to get you to the point where you finally do, anyway? Heed your desires now. After all, that's how the universe governs itself—by desire. The flower wants to grow, and you and I yearn to become our best, "our best", according to our own compass—and that compass is our own heart's desire. Risk failure, risk losing "security", risk being thought of as a fool or "selfish", if that's what it takes. The fact is, it is only by taking that step of creative courage that you will ever have any chance of real success at all. Until you follow your heart, not only will you sabotage all your other efforts, but even if those efforts appear to succeed for a while, you will, if only privately, consider yourself a failure.

Kathryn Bild is an acting, speech and personal success coach, as well as a writer and director, living in New York City. For information, coaching or speaking rates, or a free brochure, please call (212) 517-3265.

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