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Praise for Books

Acting From a Spiritual Perspective

"Finally, a book based on spiritual principles that will keep recharging you as you proceed in acting - or any creative endeavor."

"Kathryn Bild has written The Power of Positive Thinking for the actor…and there are many sound training tips and nuggets of good advice throughout."

"I'm absolutely loving your book! It's amazing how you can give such clear insight into such lofty concepts and, at the same time, bring them down to earth and make them practical!"

"Kathryn, I loved your book. I looked everywhere for something like this! You know the business, you know the art of acting, and you know how these fit into life. But most of all, you know how to communicate all of this in an easy and fun style to your readers. Thanks!

"Kathryn, what a surprise and what a treat your book is! I read every word. Thank you for affirming that acting isn't egocentric or selfish but a "holy work" that benefits society, and that it's pleasing to God when "Her" (Its", "His"-I loved that!) children are successful. You made me feel good about myself and my work and I thank you for that."

"It's wonderful how you showed that acting works by the same set of supportive rules that everything in life does. And I loved your "You are a player if you're in the Earth's sandbox at this time," idea. That made me feel like I have a right to do it. Also, it was a breath of fresh air that you weren't afraid to say 'God' or 'Jesus' once in a while when you were making a point. Good for you!"

"I liked that you allowed yourself to get mad and cuss when you were talking about the limitations that try to dissuade us and make us feel small. You really care, Kathryn, and that's obvious. You're also very funny. And insightful—you have a reverence for the good. But I liked your irreverence for the negative best!"

"Kathryn, your book really helped demystify this whole acting game for me—what acting is all about as an art, how you do it, how you get into the business of it, why it's so hard to make it and how to hang in there and be a winner. You showed me that acting can be at least a part of my life, even if not the whole thing. And thanks for showing me that it's never too late!"

"Your book really made me think. But every time I came up with a new question, I'd read on a bit and there would be the answer. You're a great teacher and writer, and a funny lady to boot! And your book is empowering and encouraging. You're right-we are the ones 'driving the car'!"

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Praise for Kathryn's Private Acting Coaching & Workshops

“Kathryn Bild is a very dedicated and sensitive teacher.”

"Since I've started studying with Kathryn, I have nailed nine out of ten auditions. She helps me get prepared for my roles, gives constructive feedback consistently and always encourages me to take my talent to the next level. It is truly because of Kathryn that I have discovered the beauty, joy and art of acting. "

"I have learned more from Kathryn in three months than from any other directors, teachers or coaches in the last eighteen years. She has helped me to pinpoint trouble spots that have plagued me for years. Her knowledge and experience are evident and her warmth and intuition create a secure atmosphere in which one can work rigorously. She is honest, but never brutal. She treats me as an artist and an equal. In doing so, she has galvanized my trust in my own instincts. I look forward to every session with Kathryn."

"I loved your seminar and I'm really enjoying your book. I tell my friends you are a combination of Marianne Williamson, Shakti Gawain and Julia Cameron!"

"Thanks for your great workshop, Kathryn, for helping us see ourselves and our art from a fresh perspective, for supporting us at whatever level we're working at, for affirming the service aspect of our profession, for creating a safe space in which to let ER rip, for enfolding us in a loving environment, for helping us to be more real on stage, for giving us correction in such a way that we retain our dignity despite our blunders, for encouraging us by acknowledging our improvements, and for giving us your love and your knowledge and your wisdom. Thank you, dear Kathryn!"

"Kathryn is the best acting teacher I have had. She has a sincere concern for her students' progress. After working with her for five months, I have a lifelong understanding of how to approach a new character and how to prepare mentally and emotionally for an audition. Her book is great too!"

"Kathryn is a wonderfully positive, encouraging teacher with a terrific energy. It is very inspirational to work with her because she has taught me to believe in myself, to use what I naturally have. She is very good at delivering her instruction in a way that does not feel overbearing. She helps me ease my nervousness and fills me with confidence. She's been an incredible help."

"Kathryn is a seasoned "Entertainment Sage." With her knowledge in the fields of music, directing and producing, she offers sound advice to anyone, regardless of how bleak their situation might be. She gives her students alternatives and options that are pertinent to their career goals. She is extremely patient, warm and open-minded, and offers excellent constructive criticism to her students in her well-organized classes so they are better able to meet and portray the emotional demands of their characters. She's the best!"

"Finding a good acting coach is a very tough thing. Before studying with Kathryn, I met with several other instructors but none of them gave off the kind of energy and warmth Kathryn did. Right away I felt comfortable, and as an actor, that is important. She treats her students with all the respect in the world. She wants them to learn. They are what is important, and she makes you feel that. Since going to her, I've learned to trust my instincts, and to have confidence in my ability. I also learned a great deal from her book. She made me the actor I am today."

"From the first time Kathryn and I sat down and talked about her working with me as my coach, I felt comfortable entrusting my time, effort and money with her. I feel as though she tailors our sessions to maximize my growth as an artist/actor. She is very much a professional. I feel a sense of accomplishment with each session, as though I am earning my right to be a successful actor. My confidence is growing. I feel as though, when my opportunity comes, I will be ready, and that is very inspiring. Kathryn is always respectful. By that I mean she respects the work, she respects the artist/actor that I am, and she respects the artist/actor I am working to become."

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Praise for Kathryn's Talks

"I want to acknowledge the terrific job you did as Keynote Speaker for The Market Champions at METLIFE. Your enthusiasm and humor picked us up and got us moving (and laughing) again after a long day of meetings, and your insight and sincerity helped us get a clearer idea of what we are doing-and to feel great about it. You really hit the mark! We look forward to having you come back again."

"As Keynote Speaker for our Wellness Week, you inspired and empowered the students and administrators to believe in themselves and their inherent capacity for self-efficacy. With your ability to break the ice and cut to the chase you gave a wonderful, lively presentation from which the audience walked away with an armful of new ideas!"

"Your insight, energy and humor provided a platform for an extremely effective workshop on addressing the challenges our team faces in dealing with high-end, sophisticated home-buyers. Thanks! We look forward to working with you again soon.

"Your approach of self-empowerment brought a unique, inspiring perspective to succeeding in the communication industry. I was pleased too that 'Acting Techniques for the Negotiator' attracted so many people. We had a great turnout! Thanks!"

"Thank you for a great job under very trying circumstances. Your 'True Success' was a wonderful antidote to superficial analyses of success out there today. I look forward to your future involvement with The Crystal Quilt."

"I'm most grateful to have witnessed your great energy and spirit, which very few speakers are able to share with an audience as well as you are. I plan to ask you to give a presentation at NBC as well. You are a sharp and dynamic speaker!"

"I really appreciated your motivational talk to the MetLife group. We all went home charged up and looking at life a little differently. As a matter of fact, the following week I used your "Tips for Public Speaking" and was applauded the best speaker of the conference!"

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