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©Kathryn Bild. All rights reserved.

The Whole World Can Be Your Sweetheat

Kathryn Bild: The Whole World Can Be Your Sweetheart

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"Kathryn Bild has a raspy, earthy voice that brings you back to the fabulous Woodstock period of engaging music and voices.  All who have the opportunity to hear Kathryn's music will walk away knowing that she was born to sing."

"Kathryn Bild is a poet who writes songs.  Her sexy voice is throaty, raspy and sometimes angelic, but the real standout is  her lyrics: deep and interesting, they are stories of love, hope, and stubborn faith."

Available on iTunes

Kathryn Bild vocals
Chris Flynn guitars, lap steel, background vocals
Rolando Gori guitars, bass, keyboard, plus drums, steel drums and strings programming
John Guth percussion
Abigail Lumsden violin
Chris O’Hara drums
Jeff Perkins guitars, keyboard, percussion, plus strings programming
Sean Seymour acoustic guitar, bass, background vocals

All songs written by Kathryn Bild. © 2010 Kathryn Bild (ASCAP). All rights reserved
Produced by Rolando Gori, Kathryn Bild, and Jeff Perkins*
With Special Thanks to Sean Seymour and Chris Flynn
Recorded by Chris Flynn, Rolando Gori, and Jeff Perkins*
(*Jeff Perkins produced and recorded “Girlfriend” and “It’ll Do It Again”)
Mixed by Rolando Gori
Mastered by John Guth
Photography & Cover Design by Doug Barron
Young Lovers Chrissy Varley and Rich Cerbini
Rooftop Records a division of Rooftop Arts, New York City
www.RoofTopArts.com • RoofTopArts@aol.com

My warmest thanks to the wonderful artists who played with me on this album. Thank you, Sean Seymour for getting us rolling, Rolando Gori for bringing us home, and all of you for the fabulous ride in between! I consider myself very lucky to have had your help in bringing this collection of songs to life. Thank you to Doug Barron for his beautiful package design. And a very tender thanks to my friends and family who love me.

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